Sunday, September 4, 2011

Trip to Jansonsshaugen

Today me and Nichlas had a trip to Janssonshaugen in Adventdalen to help Ketil Isaksen to do some maintenance on his permafrost logging station which is a part of his phd. The trip took about 2-3 hours each way from the dog houses at Gruve 7. Weather was good, but some sleet after lunch.

The logging station is used to measure temperature changes in the active layer above the permafrost and was refered to in one of the last IPCC reports. It consist of two borehulls, one going around 100m down into the ground. It also has temperature sensors around on the surface to measure the influence of temperature change on the temperature in the ground.

Crossing one of several rivers in Adventdalen

Adventdalen panorama

Dogfarm in Adventdalen

Permafrost logging site
Logging equipment

End of Adventdalen

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