Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas holiday!

Had my final exam for this semester last thursday and now it is Christmas for real! This means that I finally have time for "awesomeness" and... more time to update my blog!

Barrack 11, Nybyen (Photo: Alexander Hovland)
Nybyen (Photo: Alexander Hovland)

Nye Gruve 2B, where Santa lives. Note the avalanche to the right (Photo: Alexander Hovland)

So, for those who don't already know. I'm going to celebrate this Christmas here on Svalbard. My first Christmas away from home! The plan is to go to Bjørndalen and stay at Smutthullet during Christmas with two other students at UNIS; Niklas (Swedish) and Cara(American). And as I'm writing this, there are suddenly two more. We now even have a real christmas tree (although Danish).

Longyearbyen (Photo: Alexander Hovland)
On the way to Huset (Photo: Alexander Hovland)

Everyone who is not staying for Christmas has left now, and there's a calm over Nybyen.  No people, no lights, just an occasional snow-scooter driving past. I have been passing the days taking care of two dogs; Pernille and Tritina (?) who lives at the dogyard just up on the moraine in front of Longyearbreen. Besides feeding them, we go skiing. Took some scratches, bruises and some blood before I caught the hang of it, but now they are just eating kilometers.

Feeding time (Photo: Mike Cope)

Pernille (Photo: Mike Cope)

Tritina (Photo: Alexander Hovland)